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  • Granular Packing Machine1.This granular packing machine can automatically finish the processes of bag making, metering, filling, cutting, counting and batch number printing.
    2.It is equipped with photoelectric tracking system and computer control system. The computer control system is capable of guaranteeing accurate tracking, easy bag-length...
  • Troche Packaging MachineryThis troche packaging machinery is typically used for packing tablets, buccal tablets, pills and more, and it is widely used in industries of medicine, food, chemical and the like.
    Its appropriate packing materials include a wide selection of heat-sealable composite packing materials, such as paper/polyethylene, cellophane/polyethylene, polyester/aluminum/ polyethylene...
  • Powder Packing MachineThis powder packing machine is mainly used in the automatic soft-bag packaging of powder materials in fields of food, pharmacy, chemicals, etc.
    Its appropriate packing materials are various heat-sealable composite packaging materials, like paper, polyethylene, glass paper, BOPP films, and more ...
  • Sauce Packing MachineThis sauce packing machine is typically suitable for the automatic packaging of seasoning in the fast food and flowable sticky materials.
    Its suitable packing materials are PET, polyethylene, polypropylene, BOPP films, nylon composite films, and many other heat-sealable composite packing materials...
  • Liquid Packing Machine1.Description of Small and Middle Size Automatic Liquid Packing Machine:
    This kind of small and middle size automatic liquid packing machine is typically used for packaging the pure liquids of foods, medicine, and chemicals, such as water, wine, oil, shampoo, liquid pesticides, and the like. And its packaging materials can be various heat-sealable composite packaging ...
  • Teabag Packing Machine1. Description of SD-DPC-1 Teabag Packing Machine:
    This SD-DPC-1 teabag packing machine can seal from different 3 sides, and automatic dosing is also available.

    2. Technical Parameters of SD-DPC-1 Teabag Packing Machine...

  • Horizontal Pillow Type Bread Packing Machine1.It can automatically set the length of its bags. The automatic detection and automatic setting are possible during its operation.
    2.Simple dual-frequency mechanical structure is designed for this horizontal pillow type bread packing machine, so it is quite easy to main, difficult to ...
  • High Speed Horizontal Candy Packing Machine Established in 2000, Shanghai Ouda Packing Machinery & Material Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of high speed horizontal candy packing machine in China. Our products mainly consist of biscuit packing machine, bread packing machine, liquid filling machine, semi liquid filling line, paste filling machine, aerosol filling equipment, powder filler, pharmaceutical filler sealer, chemical packing ...
  • Biscuit Packing MachineOur SD-501 biscuit packing machine is typically designed for packaging various regular solid objects, such as biscuits, bread, cakes, instant noodles, moon cake, candy, medicine, daily necessities, hardware parts, cartons, pallets, and more.
    1.PLC controller is used to control the whole operation of this packing machine. ...