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Powder Filling Line

Automatic Powder Filling Machine

Description of Powder Filling Line:
This powder filling line (automatic powder filling machine) is mainly used to fill a wide variety of powder materials that are easy or difficult to flow, such as veterinary drugs, powder additives, sugar, soft white sugar, glucose, monosodium glutamate, solid beverages, pharmaceutical solids, toner, powder, pesticides, dyes, flavors, fragrances, and so on.

It can automatically finish the work of counting and filling.

Bottle Feeding Machine
As an essential part of this automatic powder filling machine, the bottle feeding machine is typically suitable to handle tin cans, Al jar, glass bottles, plastic bottles, and so on. And it can fill a wide variety of bottles with different specifications.

This bottle feeding machine mainly includes stainless steel platform, baffle, motor and pole.

The position and height of its baffle can be adjusted in a wide range. Stepless adjustment is possible for its motor.

Powder Filler (Auger)
This auger-type powder filler is typically designed to meet various requirements of powder filling. And its filling is high precision.

Bottles will be examined by the sensor when they are sent to this powder filling machine by the conveyor. After examined, bottles will be filling by the filling heads. In addition, the machine will automatically stop filling when there is no bottle below. Meanwhile, both bottle weight and dimensions totally depend on users.

Capping Machine
This capping machine mainly consists of vibrating plate, vibrator, slideway, and base.

Process flow: caps should be put into the vibrator so that the capping machine itself can automatically carry them into the slideway in order. When there is bottle passing the capping head, caps can be taken away by bottles automatically. Capped bottles will be sent to the cap-pressing section where the capping heads will press the capping heads for them.

The vibrator and capping machine is on the same working platform that is made of stainless steel, and all of these devices are made strictly in accordance with the GMP standards.

The vibrator can be used to adjust the high-speed electromagnetism without loud noises. Because the vibrator can be only used for a kind of bottles, users need to change the slideway or the whole vibrator if necessary.

Technical Parameters of Powder Filling Line:
1. Power supply: 380V /50HZ
2. Total power: 1.6KW
3. Filling volume: 10-1000ml
4. Productivity: 900-3600bottles per hour
5. Filling accuracy: ≤±1.5%
6. Overall dimensions (length × width × height): 2000×970×2030
7. Total Weight: 300kg

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