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Horizontal Pillow Type Bread Packing Machine

Horizontal Pillow Type Bread Packing Machine

This horizontal pillow type bread packing machine is mainly used in packing a wide variety of solid items, such as biscuits, bread, moon cakes, candies, medicine, daily necessities, hardware parts, cartons, trays and the like.

1.It can automatically set the length of its bags. The automatic detection and automatic setting are possible during its operation.
2.Simple dual-frequency mechanical structure is designed for this horizontal pillow type bread packing machine, so it is quite easy to main, difficult to abrade, and long to use.
3.Singlechip control is designed for its main control circuit. The touch screen display, frequency converter and perfect man-machine interface have made this kind of horizontal pillow packing machine easy and convenient to operate.
4.The double frequency converter control is used in adjustment of packing speed and the length of packing bags.
5.High-precision photoelectric tracking system is designed for it.
6.The tempertatures of each sealing mouth are controled respectively.
7.It can use a wide variety of packaging materials and its sealing mouths are always beautifull.

Bag Size Lenght: 90-160mm; width: 30-75mm; height 5-35mm
Packing speed 25-180 bags/min
Weight 700kg
Power supply 220V, 50Hz, 3.2KW
Overall dimensions(length×width×height) 4000 × 920 × 1500mm3

Established in 2000, Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer of horizontal pillow type bread packing machine in China. Our products mainly consist of candy packing machine, biscuit packing machine liquid filling machine, automatic bagging machine, etc. All of our products have received the certification of CE, BV and ISO9001:2008, and all of them are manufactured strictly in line with GMP standards. If you're interested in our horizontal pillow packaging equipment, please contact us freely.

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