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Water Filling Line

SD-XGF Water Filling Line

Description of Water Filling Line SD-XGF (Drinking Production Line):
The SD-XGF series water filling machine (drinking production line) is a kind of 3-in-1 unit packaging machine. This line is mainly used for production of mineral water or pure water, as well as tea and other liquid. It is a kind of normal temperature production line that fills water in normal atmospheric temperature between 15 and 25, and it is a slew (rotate) filling machine that is popular in the market.

Features of SD-XGF-40-40-12 Drinking Filling Line:
1. Finish the whole process of washing filling and capping with high precision and speed.
2. For the filling machine, it adopts bottle-neck block technology, which not only avoids bottle-neck second pollution, but also makes it suitable for different bottle shapes.
3. The Main-frame machine uses frequency conversion timing motor, which can make its convenience adjustment speed within throughput.
4. Out put with 3000bottles per hour to 3600bottles per hour is available for choice.

Features of SD-XGF-80-80-24 Drinking Filling Line:
1. High output getting to 36000bottles per hour.
2. Specially designed for the large-scale filling production.
3. It is with special filling valve that can control filling liquid level.
4. The CIP circumfluence pipe can prove rinse effect.
5. Touch screen controlled.

Technical Parameters of Water Filling Line SD-XGF (Drinking Production Line)
Modle Capacity
330ml 500ml 1000ml 1500ml 2000ml
SD-XGF-24-24-8 8000 6000 4000 3000 2500
SD-XGF-32-32-8 14000 12000 8000 6000 4000
SD-XGF-40-40-12 18000 16000 12000 9000 6000
SD-XGF-50-50-18 26000 24000 15000 12000 10000
SD-XGF-60-60-20 32000 28000 24000 15000 12000
SD-XGF-80-80-24 38000 36000 26000 20000 14000

Established in 2000, Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer of water filling line in China. Our products mainly consist of 1 Gallon Bottle Filling Line and 3-5 Gallon Barrel Water Production Line. All of our products have received the certification of CE, BV and ISO9001:2008, and all of them are manufactured strictly in line with GMP standards. If you're interested in our water filling line, please contact us freely.

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