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Sleeve Labeling Machine

Sleeve Labeling Machine

Descrition of Sleeve Labeling Machine:
This sleeve labeling machine is mainly used to handle round or square PET bottles, and its compact structure design enables it to be used in various prodcution lines of different heights in different industries.

Its mechanical part is a kind of combination modular design, which ensures this machine a rational structure. Motor is used to adjust its heights, thereby making the material replacing easier and more convenient. Its specially designed cutter makes the film-rolling cut more accurate and reliable.

Additionally, customized sleeve labeling machine is available.

Main Technical Parameters of Sleeve Labeling Machine:
1. Overall dimensions (Length × Width × Height): 1000×1200×1800mm
2. Weight: 500Kg
3. Conveyor length: 2 meters
4. Diameters of suitable bottles: 25-125mm
5. Bottle height: 15-320mm
6. Suitable bottle shape: round, square, elliptical, rectangular
7. Label length: 35-200mm  
8. Label thickness: 0.035-0.08mm
9. Internal diameter of paper tubes: 3-10mm
10. Voltage & power: AC 3 380V, 2KW

Parameters of Steam Shrink Machine:
1. Overall size (length× width× height): 2000×800×900×1600mm
2. Consumed power: 1KW
3. Operation power supply: AC3ψ380
4. Steam Pressure: 3-5KG

Parameters of Electric Shrink Machine:
1.Overall size (length × width × height):2000× 800 × 900mm
2.Power supply: AC3ψ380
3.Consumed power: 12~15KW

Spare Parts List:
1. All-closed stainless steel main body: it is very safe for the operator. The whole machine is water-proof and anti-corrosion.
2. Adjustable cutter pallet: specially designed rotary cutter has double-blade whose service life is quite long.
3. Single positioning core column: it can convey the label stably all the time.
4. Bottle space adjustment: it can not only make sure bottles move stably, but also stay on the conveyor all the time.
5. Brush for label positioning: this brush makes the labeling work more accurate.
6. Label control photocell frame: the design of unique empenage combined with photocell ensures high cutting precision.
7. Single color HMI screen
8. Feeding frame bar

Electronic Parts List:
1. PLC Controller
2. Stepping Motor
3. Stepping Driver
4. Tranducer

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