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  • Linear Filling Capping Machine SD-ZGF-1000The linear filling capping machine named SD-ZGF-1000 linear filler capper is composed of bottle-setting, filling lid-laying and lid-rolling equipment. It is a kind of straight-line filling and lid-rolling machine for packing cosmetic liquids and creams both in plastic bottles and glass bottles.
    1. The filling and lid-rolling (capping) of this machine can be adjustable according to the requirement ...
  • SD-HFX-6000 Automatic Rotary Filling Sealing MachineThe SD-HFX-6000 rotary filling sealing machine is a kind of automatic packing machine with cap-screwing ability. It is suitable for the large production of nutrition liquid, sirup, tincture and medicine for bone.
    1. The machine adopts low vacuum filling device to ensure filling accurately without bubble of leakage.
    2. The cap screwing device of the rotary filling sealing ...
  • Semi Automatic Liquid FillerThe semi automatic liquid filler(liquid filling machine) is suitable for the filling of fluid with the filling capacity of 100ml, 250ml, 400ml, 600ml, and the production capacity of 800-1200 (can/hr),  depending on the customers requirements.
    There are two types of semi automatic liquid filler, LGB-T, PGB-T ...