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Automatic Rotary Filling Sealing Machine

SD-HFX-6000 Automatic Rotary Filling Sealing Machine

The SD-HFX-6000 rotary filling sealing machine is a kind of automatic packing machine with cap-screwing ability. It is suitable for the large production of nutrition liquid, sirup, tincture and medicine for bone.

1. The machine adopts low vacuum filling device to ensure filling accurately without bubble of leakage.
2. The cap screwing device of the rotary filling sealing machine use assorted magnetic pieces structure to avoid damaging the cap when screwing the bottle.
3. The whole process is PLC controlled, from entering bottles to carrying our finish products.
4. The machine can work and stop work automatically by whether there is bottle on the work position.
5. When there is another kind of bottle is used in production process, the machine need to change the bottle conducting board to continuous its working.
6. The machine is easy to operate and can used for all kinds of products
7. The machine can be combined with bottle rinsing, labeling device to form an automatic filling line.
8. The part that touches liquid is made of stainless steel 316L that of high standard to ensure cleanness and health.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Rotary Filling Sealing Machine
Filling Amount 5-50ml, 50-100ml
Filling Tube Diameter φ18mm-φ45mm
Tube Height 85-300mm
Motor Power 3.8KW
Producing Ability 4800-6000 Bottle/Hour
Dimensions 2200×1300×2300

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