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Biscuit Packing Machine

Description of SD-501 Biscuit Packing Machine:
Our SD-501 biscuit packing machine is typically designed for packaging various regular solid objects, such as biscuits, bread, cakes, instant noodles, moon cake, candy, medicine, daily necessities, hardware parts, cartons, pallets, and more.

Features of SD-501 Biscuit Packing Machine:
1.PLC controller is used to control the whole operation of this packing machine.
2.Large LCD screen is used to display the working states.
3.High precision photoelectric tracking system is employed to ensure the accurate cutting and sealing. And the tracking accuracy of cutting points can be up to ±2mm.
4.The temperature of each sealing mouth is controlled independently, so it can use a wide variety of packing materials.
5.Its specially designed bag making device is easy to suit various items to be packed.
6.Many configurations are available, including semi-sealing preheating device, cutter system, organ bag device, edge-sealing equipment, heat code printer, and more.

Parameters of Model I:
Center distance: 81
Max. film width: 430mm
Packaging speed: 25-125 items/min
Max. specification (mm): 250mm (length) ×140mm(width) ×30mm(height)
Power: 2.1KW
Overall dimensions: 4200mm×1005mm×1750mm
Machine weight: about 1000kg

Parameters of Model II:
Center distance: 114
Max. film width: 430mm
Packaging speed: 25-230 items/min
Max. specification (mm): 350mm (length) ×140mm(width) ×55mm(height)
Power: 2.1KW
Overall dimensions: 4200mm×1005mm×1470mm
Machine weight: about 1000kg

Parameters of Model III:
Center distance: 150
Max. film width: 430mm
Packaging speed: 15-150 items/min
Max. specification (mm): 450mm (length) ×140mm(width) ×90mm(height)
Power: 3KW
Overall dimensions: 4240mm×1005mm×1750mm
Machine weight: about 900kg

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