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To better meet various market demands, we have been trying our best to improve the quality of our equipment through persistent research and development.

Introduced Advanced International Technologies
1.Technology of New-Type Aseptic Filling Machine:
This new-type aseptic filling machine was first developed by a French company. Its filling nozzles employs magnetic control, and these nozzles can guarantee the quality of the filled liquids and semi-liquids to be aseptic.

2. Technology of electronic Volumetric Filling Machine:
This kind of electronic volumetric filling machine was firstly developed by an Italy company. Its filling valve is equipped with electronic flow meter and fill a wide variety of bottles in different shapes. Its control panel can store as many as 99 groups of different parameters. The PLC control system can ensure continuous and reliable data transmission. Because there is no vetical mechanical movement, this electronic volumetric filling machine is free from abrasion and maintenance, and it is easy to clean. There no direct contact between the sterile control valve and containers, so this filling equipment is quite suitable to be used in aseptic environment. 

3.Electronic Spin PET Filling Machine:
This electronic spin PET filling machine is developed by German-British joint venture CBIALFILL company, and it is a new system that combines single machine with rotatory bottle washing, filling and sealing. Designed with bottleneck delivery system, it can finish the transforming between different bottles and packaging within 1 minute.

It can be used for filling non-carnonated drinks, carbonated beverages, and drinks containing fruit pulp. Its fillling temperature can range from 5℃ to 70℃, and its filling capacity can be as much as 44,000 bottles per hour.

4.New-Container Counter-Pressure Electronic Filling Machine:
This kind of new-container counter-pressure electronic filling machine is developed on the basis of electromagnetic flow meter by an Italy company. As a multi-functional filling machinery, it can fill a wide variety of bottles in different specifications. And its packing quality is high, and it is easy to operate.

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