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High Pressure Homogenization Pump

High Pressure Homogenization Pump

Description of High Pressure Homogenization Pump:
Our HB-GJB high pressure homogenization pump is specially used in the homogeneous refinement of particle and liquid materials, as well as in the formation of high-pressure spray. It is widely used in a variety of production fields, such as dairy products, cold drinks, beverages, foods, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, etc.

It is capable of homogenizing materials in high pressure, thereby avoiding or reducing the delamination of these materials. Also, the pureness and looseness of materials can be improved.

Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer of high pressure homogenization pump in China. Apart from high pressure homogenization pump, we still provide sterilizer, filter, mixing system, spray pour cooling and warming bottle machine, bottle washing machine, etc. And our products have been quite popular among customers from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Italy, Britain, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and so on. If you need our high pressure homogenization pump, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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