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Vacuum Emulsifying and Mixing Machine

SD-ZJZR-1228 Vacuum Emulsifying And Stirring Machine

This vacuum emulsifying and mixing machine named SD-ZJZR-1228 emulsifier mmixer is make up of a giant vane stirrer and a microminiatured directly-cut stirrer. The vane stirrer can make the substance of high viscosity products more even, while the microminiatured cutting stirrer can make the mxing process in high speed.

Working Process:
1. There is a squeegee at the fringe of the vane stirrer, which can scrape the surface, so that the ever produced disposing liquid on the wall of the container can flow fluently to the even stirrer under the container.
2. When the scraped disposing liquid flow to the even stirrer under the container, it need to be stirred and homogeneity in this container.
3. Ater that process of cutting ,lashing and scraping produced by the strong force, the mateial becomes granule and being scatted, and then some of the disposed liquid will spurt out from the spurting mouth at the upper of the container.

1. High viscosity available: the equipment can be used for substance of supper high viscosity (beyond 500000C.P.S).
2. Raw material feed automatic: the raw material can be absorbed into the groove by directly via machine.
3. Automatically: vacuum, heating and cooling accomplish alone by one machine. Whole process can be controlled automatically by buttons. It can be controlled by time, and it also has the ability of recording the goods
4. Time saving: micro articulation emulsifying, mixing, evening, and scattering can finish in short time.
5. More independent: the convection stirrer and the blade stirrer can be used separately.
6. Corroding protects: the container that touches the liquid is made of stainless steel, protecting the material from corroding.
7. Vacuum work ensuing sanitation: the vacuum stirrer can reduce the pollution caused by the in-air, ensuing the sanitation and asepsis of the goods. At the same time, the auto-washing equipment can improve the cleanness of the part which touches the liquid.

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