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  • Automatic Paste Filler and CapperThe SD-QRGF-160 automatic paste filler and capper is a kind of completely automatic filling capper packing machine. This filling sealing machine adopts the most advanced pneumatic and electron machinery motion principle in China. The equipment is full automatically that can finish the whole processes of auto-dropping, pipes filling, no filling without pipes, electron scanning, and sealing together...
  • Vacuum Emulsifying MixerThis vacuum emulsifying and stirring machine named SD-ZJZR-1228 emulsifier mmixer is make up of a giant vane stirrer and a microminiatured directly-cut stirrer. The vane stirrer can make the substance of high viscosity products more even, while the microminiatured cutting stirrer can make the mxing process in high speed ...
  • Label Attaching MachineThe SD-TBJ-200 is applicable for attaching label on round bottles in pharmacy. Food, drink, daily chemical necessities, and chemical industry and so on. It adopts the rolling style to attach labels. It is equipped with auto-delivering and auto-collecting installation, so it can accomplish the procedure of bottle-setting, label-attaching and bottle-collecting at one time. It can be also equipped with lettering machine ...
  • Tunnel Sterilization Drying OvenThis SD-HS-25 tunnel sterilization drying oven (sterilizing tunnel) is one of the widely used sterilizers in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, sterilizing tunnel petrochemical industry etc. Sterilizing tunnel is used for dry heat sterilization and depyrogenation of containers, bottles, ampoules bottles, vials and other glass products etc. It is also used for the drying and sterilization of oral liquid , straight-pipe glass bottles ...
  • Double Door OvenThe double-door oven (double wall oven) SD-HS-23 is a kind of electricity heated machine that of hot-wind cycling style. It is mainly used for the drying and sterilizing of bottles, vial, aluminum lid, pastern tuck and vessel.
    The box body of the oven made in our company is designed under the requirement...