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Outer Cap Sealing Machine

Outer Cap Sealing Machine

Description of Outer Cap Sealing Machine:
This outer cap sealing machine is an ideal capping machinery used in industries like pharmacy, foods, chemicals, pesticides, and that. It mainly consists of vibrating plate, vibrator, slideway and base.

Its process flow is as follows: the capping machine itself can automatically carry caps in the vibrator into the slideway in order. When bottles pass the capping heads, caps can be taken away automatically. Capped bottles will be sent to the cap-pressing section where the capping heads can press the capping heads.

The vibrator and capping machine is on the same working platform that is made of stainless steel, and all of these devices are made strictly in accordance with the GMP standards.

When the vibrator is adjusting high-speed electromagnetism, there is no loud noise. Because the vibrator can only handle a kind of bottles, users need to change the slideway or the whole vibrator if necessary.

Features of Outer Cap Sealing Machine:
1.High capping capacity, simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance.
2.Adjustable magnetic moment capping mode can protect bottles and caps from being broken.
3.Its continuous operation can not only automatically finish the capping and sealing work, but also save time and improve efficiency.

Technical Parameters of Outer Cap Sealing Machine:
Diameters of suitable bottles φ12~φ70mm
Production capacity 1000-1500b/h
Qualifying rate of capping ≥99%
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Power ≤1.2Kw
Speed control Changing frequency
Noises ≤70dB
Weight About 600Kg
Overall dimensions 2000×1000×1500(mm)

Established in 2000, Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer of outer cap sealing machine in China. Our products mainly consist of automatic tin can capper, automatic cup filler and sealer, automatic carton packing system, bottle unscrambler, round bottle labeling machine, etc. All of our products have received the certification of CE, BV and ISO9001:2008, and all of them are manufactured strictly in line with GMP standards. If you're interested in our outer cap sealing machine, please contact us freely.

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