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Paint Filling Line

Paint Filling Line

Description of Paint Filling Line:
Our YG8/1 paint filling line is typically designed for industries of pharmaceuticals, foods, pesticides, chemicals, cosmetics, and more, and it confirms to the GMP standards.
This monoblock is developed on the basis of advanced international technology, and requirements of modern markets. Its plunger-type metering pump, made of 304L stainless steel, is employed to fill liquids.  

Features of Paint Filling Line:
1.Its plunger-type metering pump has made it appropriate for high-precision filling of various viscosity liquids. And the specially designed pump structure is easy to clean and sterilize.
2.The piston ring of this plunger-type metering pump can be made of silicon rubber, tetrafluoroethylene, and some other materials in order to adapt requirements of different liquids and industries. And ceramic materials are also available for special industries.
3.PLC control system and frequency-control speed adjustment mode are used to ensure the high automation degree of this monoblock.
4.When there is no bottle, this paint filling line will stop filling, and automatic counting function is designed for it.
5.Its filling capacity is easy and convenient to adjust. Users can adjust the filling capacities of all of its metering pumps, and slight adjustment can also be made for each of its metering pumps.
6.There is anti-drip device on each of its filling heads. When filling bottles, it can fill them from the bottom, in which way bubbles inside these bottles are successfully avoided.
7.It can fill bottles in different specifications, and the adjustment is quite easy and convenient.
8.This automatic filling capping monoblock is designed totally in line with the standards of GMP.  

Main Technical Parameters of Paint Filling Line:
Item YG8/1
Number of filling heads 8
Number of capping heads 1
Filling range 200-600g
Optional cap type theft-proof caps, screw caps, ROPP caps
Filling speed 2000-3000bph
Filling accuracy ≤±1.5%
Qualifying rate of capping ≥99%
Power supply 380V 60Hz
Electric power ≤2.2kw
Air pressure range 0.4-0.6MPa
Net weight 1000kg
Overall dimensions (mm) 1850×980×1600

Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer of paint filling line in China. Apart from paint filling line, we still provide automatic filling capping monoblock, ketchup processing line, oil filling line, semi liquid filling line, etc. And our products have been quite popular among customers from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Italy, Britain, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and so on. If you need our paint filling line, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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