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Material Tank and Pot

Material Storage Tank
Material Storage Tank
This material storage tank is an ideal choice for storing mineral water, purified water, and many other kinds of liquids.

Its structure is totally closed, and it is made of high-quality stainless steel. It can work in conjunction with automatic washing equipment and automatic liquid-level control machinery. If required, it can be equipped with sterilization equipment so that the storage process is aseptic.
SD-JCG Series Incline Adjustment Interlayer Tank
SD-JCG Series Incline Adjustment Interlayer Tank
This SD-JCG series incline adjustment interlayer tank is a kind of heating equipment whose heat source is steam, and it is typically used in sugar melting and juice heat treating.

Mixing Jar
This mixing jar is mainly used for mixing various materials. And it has two types: heat insulation and heat semi-insulation types. It is made of SUS304 stainless steel.
Its selectable accessories include thermometer, sanitary inlet, CIP washing device, display screen, asepsis sampling port, and asepsis vent port.

Sugar Melting Pot
This sugar melting pot is a kind of equipment mainly used to heat, cool and stir materials during the process of sugar melting. Its heating mode consists of electrical heating and steam heating.

Mixing Tank
1.Description of Mixing Tank:
This mixing tank is an essential part of beverage production lines, and is mainly used in mixing foods, drinks and many other items.

It is made of 304, or 316L stainless steel. According to customer's requirements, we provide 1T, 2T, 5T and 10T mixing tanks.

2. Technical Parameters of Mixing Tank:

Model  Volume Agitating Speed Motor Power Outline Dimension  Diameter of Inlet And Outlet
JB-600 600L 35R/MIN 0.37KW 950*1050 25
JB-1000 1000L 1200*1150 32
SD-ZYG-3000 Stirring Jar
SD-90  Mode 5 Gallon Bottle Blowing Machine
This SD-ZYG-3000 stirring jar is a kind of normal-pressure vessels, and it is manufactured strictly according to GMP standards.

It is made of 304, or 316L stainless steel. And we provide 1T, 2T, 5T and 10T stirring jars for your choice.

Established in 2000, Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer of material tank and pot in China. Our products mainly consist of bottle washing machine, auto conveying metal detector, liquid filling machine, semi liquid filling line, paste filling machine, aerosol filling equipment, powder filler, pharmaceutical filler sealer, etc. All of our products have received the certification of CE, BV and ISO9001:2008, and all of them are manufactured strictly in line with GMP standards. If you're interested in our material tank and pot, please contact us freely.

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